Re: Rapido Meat Reefers - Brake Reservoir

James E Kubanick

I had the same problem with two of my reefers and corrected them as Ed suggested, above. A third car had a loose cut lever which I corrected with a drop of ACC. My fourth car needed no repairs. All four came from Walthers. Very nice cars once fixed, though.

Jim Kubanick
Morgantown WV

From: Ed Hawkins
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Sent: Tuesday, February 4, 2014 10:50 AM
Subject: Re: [STMFC] Rapido Meat Reefers - Brake Reservoir

On Feb 4, 2014, at 8:55 AM, <webotkin@...> wrote:

> Viewed from the side of the car, the reservoirs on all three cars are
> all mounted at an angle with the right side noticeably higher off the
> rail than the left side.  I have not noticed this on other models and
> wondered if this correct or a manufacturing defect. 
> At first I thought perhaps the part was not seated properly, but
> without breaking it loose from its mounting, it doesn't shift.


One I received was the same way with a reservoir that wasn't level.
Check the reservoir bracket that extends to the center sill. On my
model this bracket was pushed under the center sill flange (when
looking at the car upside down). I carefully maneuvered the bracket to
rest on top of the center sill flange, and this straightened the
reservoir to become level. Hope this helps.

Bill Schneider, please chime in if I'm giving out bad advice.
Ed Hawkins

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