Re: UP 155000

Eric Lombard


I hope the following is helpful to you...You may also find some helpful information in the appendices of the UP book that you mention having (with #155000 on the cover).

A total of 1000 A-50-14 and A-50-15 cars were built 1937-40. The two classes are virtually identical.
500 with racks:
    100 A-50-14, 454000 - 454099  Grand Is.
    400 A-50-15, 454400 - 454799  Omaha
200 with end auto doors:
    100 A-50-14, 161000 - 161099  Omaha
    100 A-50-15, 161100 - 161199  Omaha
300 plain:
    100 A-50-14, 154100 - 154199  Grand Is.
    200 A-50-15, 154200 - 154399  Omaha
Many RENO in some way by 1953. You might consider both A-50-14 and A-50-15 cars with no end doors from the following list that fit the service you indicate. Cars set up for auto parts are not included nor those modified in some obvious way such as raised roof. Number active on 1-1953 in parentheses:

UP 454000-454099, A-50-14 (79) Evans Type T auto loaders.
UP 861000-861099, A-50-14 (7) set up for International Harvester, aux door sealed. (may be parts and not implements).

UP 454400-454799, A-50-15 (290) Evans Type T auto loaders.
UP 154200-154399, A-50-14 (12) original series numbers as XM.

#155000, by the way, was renumbered from #154132 with an Evans auto loader installed and in service in 1946 but gone by 1951.

Eric Lombard
Homewood, IL

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