Re: Rapido Meat Reefers - Brake Reservoir

Armand Premo

    My only complaint,if you can call it that,is that the reweight dates need minor adjustment.Armand Premo

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  When I talked about misaligned parts in my original post, less than horizontal air reservoirs were one of the problems...4 out of 7, along with 3 out of 7 non-vertical brake wheels, 2 warpped roof walks, 50% bent stirrup steps, 100% non-attachment of piping to triple valve, 4 out of 7 cut levers, wire grabs pushed all the way in, leaving no space between the car body, brake levers and rodding not connected and all over the place. The lever hangers are in no way attached to the frame as they should be. Throw away the couplers.

   I find it incredulous that others on this list, many involved in the development and research of this model, have experienced no problems.  Mark Feddersen

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