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Larry Sexton

The 1940 Car Builders Cyclopedia showed Alan Wood Diamond plate, which was being installed as roof walks on the READING 18700 series boxcars. So Diamond plate was being used at that time. Can’t speak to this model but it is certainly feasible. Since the Depression lasted until 1940, it would also appear to fit there as well.

Larry Sexton

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I note that the build date of this particular car is 1937, barely in my era... But, those ice hatch covers look odd to me. Is that Diamond plate? Was that around in 1937? Or, was that added at a later date? Are there any other possible anachronisms on these cars for a depression-era modeler? I don't mean to be too picky, we sure have come a long way from the MDC (and Athearn) wood reefers.

Dean Payne

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