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Larry Sexton


Do you have or have access to "Build Ships" by Wayne Bonnett? "Build Ships"
rather thoroughly documented the West Coast shipbuilding in WWII and did not
contain any photos of marine boilers being shipped by rail.. The book did
have a photo of a marine boiler being transported via truck and lowboy from
the fabricator to the shipyard on page 60. The boiler was photographed on
the Golden Gate bridge and was for aT-2 tanker. On page 61 is a photo of a
trucked-in marine boiler being swung into place aboard a tanker. I served as
an engineer aboard the T-2 tankers, the Liberties and Victory ships.
Somewhere I have the measurements of those water-tube boilers and believe
their size precluded rail shipment.

Twenty year or so ago, I discussed shipping the marine boilers used on the
Liberty and Victory fleets with several individuals that had been involved
in shipping boilers from the marine boiler fabrication facility at
Brunswick, Ga. They stated that one of the reasons the Brunswick plant was
built there was so the boilers could be "trucked" to the shipyards at
Brunswick, GA; to the yards ay Jacksonville, Tampa, Panama City and
Pensacola; Florida; and to Mobile, Alabama.

I've never seen these boilers transported on railcars, and while I've look
hard for such a photo, that doesn't mean one doesn't exist. You could check
with the old hand at Foster Wheeler, Combustion Engineering and Babcock &
Wilcox to determine if the boilers were ever shipped by rail. Good luck.

Larry Sexton

Crystal River, FL

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he majority of Richmond installed engines came from the Joshua Hendy works
in Sunnyvale served by the SP. The engines and boilers were unique loads
shipped in open cars, does anyone have photos of such a load? The steel
plates are easier to find.

John Barry

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