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Larry Sexton


The photo you are referring to is a fire-tube boiler, and yes there are a
number of photos of those round boilers around. I showed one in the
presentation I did at Cocoa Beach on WWII rail transportation 8-10 years
ago. The water tube two drum boilers installed on the Victory ships and the
T-2 are not remotely like the photo you provided me. I would asked that you
provide the photo to John Barry and perhaps it will suit him. I am certain
that that type of marine boiler was installed in the British design WWII
freighters built in West Coast yards as well as at the Bath yard in Maine.

Larry Sexton

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Larry Sexton wrote:

I've never seen these boilers transported on railcars, and while I've look
hard for such a photo, that doesn't mean one doesn't exist. You could check
with the old hand at Foster Wheeler, Combustion Engineering and Babcock &
Wilcox to determine if the boilers were ever shipped by rail. Good luck.

As I said, Larry, look at p.364 in my Volume 5 on SP freight cars.

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