Re: UP 155000

Guy Wilber

Eric Lombard wrote:
"UP 454000-454099, A-50-14 (79) Evans Type T auto loaders."
Though both railroads and the AAR referred to truck loader systems as Type "T" Auto~Loaders this was never an official designation used by Evans.  Evans' original truck frame was introduced in 1936 and was a Type "B" loader frame fitted with wider (18-3/8") wheel pans.  A limited number of those original truck frames were also fitted with sliding wheel pan extensions allowing for adjustments to accommodate varying wheel base dimensions of both autos and light trucks. 
The majority of railroads which supplied auto cars, at the request of auto and light truck manufactures, designated loaders equipped with wider wheel pans as; "BT", "CT", "DT" and "FT".  These designations allowed the manufacturers' traffic departments the luxury of knowing the full capability and flexibility of the specific loaders.  With very few exceptions, cars fitted with loaders for trucks were fifty foot in length.  The cars were also fitted with heavy duty chain hoist assemblies, and aside from the "FT" were typically fitted with twelve chain tie down floor tubes.  "FT" installations were fitted with 16 floor tubes allowing for the loading of (up to) five automobiles when not in truck service.     
The Union Pacific A-50-14 auto cars were originally built (in part) to service the International-Harvester plant in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and were amongst the first fifty foot auto cars equipped for heavier truck service.  The A-50-15 cars were built for the same service though equipped with Type "DT" loaders.    
" #155000, by the way, was renumbered from #154132 with an Evans auto loader installed and in service in 1946 but gone by 1951."
UP 155000 was not equipped with Evans Auto~Loaders when renumbered from UP 154132.  The car was fitted with Evans Unit Loader equipment which was the predecessor to what would become Evans DF equipment.  The car was used in auto parts shipments, but likely never moved a finished automobile.
Guy Wilber
Reno, Nevada

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