MANY Boxcars

Bill Lane

I spent much time (too much time because the connection was really slow) downloading and doing minor corrections to what were mostly boxcars mostly taken by Walter E Frost;term/browseTerm I don’t know anything about him but he must have really liked boxcars! The dates on each photo page were possibly the dates they were taken. I did not record them. Almost all photos are 1950s/transition era appropriate which makes it a really awesome collection.


I have them ZIPPED here. If you don’t have a ZIP program or know how to use one sorry. There are 268 photos here. No other easier way (for me) to give them away! The files are about 500 KB to 1 MB. Those that are 1 MB are likely to be photos I lightened. Many/most are very clear taken is great side light and scanned at 800 DPI. Mr Frost photographed more than a few brand new cars in sequential order.


There are about 20 reefers, flat cars, and the few PRR cars that got moved to other folders before I made the ZIP. Feel free to search them out and download them yourself if you want them. Otherwise it is a non-stop boxcar show of different designs, and paint schemes like I have never seen in 1 place before.


Thank You,
Bill Lane

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