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Click on the image, then right click on the image and a small menu should appear that asks the size you want, with the largest being "original."  Click on that, then right click to "save as" in the folder of your choice, for editing in the software of your choice.

We're noticing that many of these images show the original negative on a sheet of duplicating film, that we're looking at copy negatives. Also, many of the images are flopped as the person doing the scanning didn't have the emulsion side in the correct position.  

Barriger shot most of these images from the backs of passenger trains. It's indeed terrific that these are available for viewing. The Mercantile Library holds the copyright to the images, so check with them before publishing anything.

                 ....Mike Del Vecchio

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How does one get these as JPEGs and TIFFs for use on ones PC for PPT presentation.  They save as HMTLs.
Al Kresse

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From another list I leaned this collection is being scanned and made available:

I haven't taken the time to look through but I'm sure there are some gems here.

Jim Brewer

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