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CJ Riley

One of the RR Cyc reprints includes ARA(?) loading diagrams for that gondola load and I built one myself. It's obviously more stable that way with much of the mass below the sides.
CJ Riley
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I have a photo of a CB&Q composite gondola filled with ties. The unusual aspect of the photo is that the tie stacks on both ends were lengthwise, while the rest of the tie stacks were crosswise with respect to the rails. That arrangement made an interesting load for a war emergency gondola.

Nelson Moyer

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> Interesting and informative video.
> But, tell me one thing, how does a SEABOARD AIR LINE "watermelon" car
> end up in Missouri hauling fresh cut railroad ties?
> It looks like the serving RR comandered any and every car from any RR
> they could to haul ties.
> Thanks for sharing,
> Larry Platt

If the tiesw came from a supplier located on SAL trackage this should come as no surprise given the the Class V-9 and V-10 SAL
ventilate3d box cars comprised a LARGE percentage of the SAL fleet until the late 1940's. If the photo was taken during WW II, with the
inherent car shortaqe, it comes as even ess of a surprise. Don't
forget that the Wine Ventilators in the V-9's and V-10's incused a lumber loading door. When used with the regular doors the "vents"
were little different than any other doubmle sheathed box car.

Still have Wright Trak V-9 and V-10 ressin vent kits s for sale
for anyone who wants one. Contact me off list for further info.

Cordially, Don Valentine

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