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Looks to be an N&W coal train. The car in the foreground is an N&W HPb class hopper. I note the ghosted image of a steam loco on the scan... perhaps a double exposure or perhaps a double scan <G>. could still be on the New Haven as the N&W was the primary mover of coal that supplied a power plant near Providence years ago. The Northrup Ave. Yard would receive what was really an early unit train of N&W cars carrying coal and they would be delivered a few at a time to the power plant. Noted New Haven
modeler Bill Aldrich and I were speaking about this earlier today
after I found a photo of an N&W hopper in the upper Connecticut
River Valley. N&W hoppers were otherwise somewhat rare in New England, particularly Northern New England. while the power plant
in question was on tide water there was not enough dradt near the plant to take the coal by water.

Cordially, Don Valentine

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