Re: tank car running boards

Tony Thompson

Tim O'Connor wrote:

Ok, if you say so Tony. But the word "wood" is not apparent on any of the
drawings. But ONE drawing does have a parts list, and it identifies one of
the parts as

  "AAR approved steel running board"

I guess the proof is left to the reader, on the other drawings... :-)

      Look again, Tim. The earlier drawings show a CROSS-SECTION of the running board with wood grain. I hope that convinces you that it is not steel. The drawing you cite is indeed a 1941 drawing, but look at the prior ones. Or do you think the 1-3/4-inch minimum thickness refers to steel, either solid or grid? No running board made of steel was ever that thick.
       And you can quit trying to be insulting by saying "if you say so." That implies you doubt it is true, but the drawings are right there for anyone to see.

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