Re: Semet Solvay Dome Platform


Before I take this thread off line to keep peace in the "family" I think that there MIGHT be usefulness from this discussion IF we can do it calmly.

Note that Kaminski states on pg 241 that "By the late 1940's, the early wood running boards and side platforms were being replaced in new car construction with steel grid types."

The drawings do, indeed, show both wood [ IMO ] running boards on pgs 222, 227 and 228 and references to AAR approved steel grating on others. Note on pg 231 the reference to "Apex Tri-Lox Grating" for the dome platform dated 1941. However, Since I started this thread regarding the Semet Solvay dome platform, I will move it back to that subject and submit again that the platform for the Semet Solvay cars, apparently built in 1939 and 1940 did NOT have see through grates. Were they wood or solid steel I don't know. The shadow produced by the platform on the tank is evidence enough for me that they were not see though can be seen on many other cars via their shadow patterns.

I will note also that author Kaminski doesn't get particularly good marks either. When I asked him his opinion on this subject back around 2003, he said, buy the book. Which I did.

Which, of course, brings to mind the story of famed golfers Ben Hogan and Gary Player. Hogan had, at the time, owned a golf club manufacturing business which not surprisingly made Hogan clubs. Player, realizing that Hogan was the premier player at the time, called Hogan to ask his opinion about some part of the golf swing. Hogan interrupted Player to ask him what clubs he used. When Player replied, "Spaulding", Hogan answered, "Ask Spaulding" and hung up.

Mike Brock

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