GARX Meat Reefer

John Barry

A little slow off the mark, as I didn't order until after the discussion started here.  My two examples arrived today from MB Klein as GARX 3491 and 3498.  Modeling the Santa Fe in Richmond circa 1944, I don't need scads of these, nor would many of the midwest packing houses be appropriate.  My wallet appreciates the low need, as these are excellent cars and the most detailed of any RTR product that I've purchased.  Thank you Jason and team for providing a great addition to the collection of 3-D game pieces for my RR.  

That said, they do exhibit some minor QC issues on both cars.  One of the lower corner grabs on each car is pressed in too far on one end.  One car exhibits the tilted air reservoir, the other has some flash on that part.  One of the train line connection hoses is missing, the hole is there in the underside of the floor, but no loose part in the box, looks like it was never installed.  Both exhibit a possible issue that I don't recall seeing here.  The activation rigging for the brakes seems to be tilted, not parallel to the plane of the floor.  It is flush with the cross beam on the cylinder side with the chain detail, but the activating rod to the B end truck hangs low and is bowed.  The rod to the A end truck is also slightly bowed.  I suspect a mismatch in the locating holes and length of the brake rigging part.  With this kind of detail, Rapido could sell a lot of AB brake kits.

All in all, an excellent model and I am happy to place them in service.  I made up some return meat cards in anticipation of their arrival.  You can see them on my blog at

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