Re: Semet Solvay Dome Platform


Bill Welch writes:

"Having used ACF drawings to guide the making of the wood planked pattern for an impending Semet-Solvay kit to model these cars, I can testify that the dome platform on those cars had wood decks."

Well, I'm delighted to find out that someone knows what's going least with regard to the dome platform on the Semet Solvay car. With that in mind, I rushed to the railroad room and finally found my Semet Solvay car resting unattended on a siding at Bruceford. With excitement building, hands trembling, I moved an intense light source over to view the car. Alas, consider my disappointment when I discovered that the morons that had recently filled the tank had spilled something all over the platform. Whatever that stuff was, it had completely filled any gaps in between any wood planks. I thought about scraping it a bit to see if it was metal but a car drove up to the siding with a sign saying "Prototype Police" on its side and two men got out and approached the car. I quickly left the area. The last I saw of the car was it disappearing into a cut on its way to Laramie.

Mike Brock

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