Re: A work in progress

Bill Welch

With the very patient help of Ed Hawkins I finally sorted out the shapes of the various fixtures on the top of the dome and it has evolved considerably since the photo you will see on Pierre's blog. As soon as I think I have finished I will send Pierre new photos. The fact the the dome was painted with aluminum paint means these details will stick out. My friend and ATSF modeler Peter Aue designed, engineered, and shepherded tweaking and seeing the photo etched parts produced, most obvious being the dome platform frame, using German Silver. Thank you Peter!

Adding to the uniqueness of these cars was the way the tanks were secured to their underframes. Thus there are no tank bands but rather four tank anchors that in the kit will be modeled with wire and PE. A jig will be included to help the builder bend the platform's handrails.

I have several spare resin domes stripped of all detail except for the man-way base that would make creating other variations of the AC&F Type 27 10k tank car easier. If you would like to take a shot at creating a pattern for a mini-kit using one of the blank domes, do your research and contact me OFF-LIST with your proposal.

Bill Welch

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