Moisture Trap for Air Brush


      Wasn't there an article in (IIRC), RMC quite some time, perhaps several decades ago about a build your own moisture trap? As I recall, if I recall correctly, it was made of quarter inch copper tubing formed by wrapping around a coffee can. Connection fitting soldered on the upper end part, with the tubing in a  spiraling descent around and came to a T copper fitting on the bottom end, set up and down. There was a hole (#78?) drilled onto the cap that fit on the bottom of the T, and another fitting on the top of the T that was the other connection. Moisture that did condense ran via gravity to collect in the bottom cap of the T where it was expelled through the hole.

     Using my spotty math, wrapping a length of copper tubing around a circle six inches in diameter is 18 inches of run, eight inches in diameter is a two foot run, sixteen times around a six inch diameter container or twelve times around the eight inch diameter container and you have twenty four feet of run in a rather compact space. Given how copper would absorb and then release any heat caused by the compressor, I would believe this should condense any moisture.  That is how I recall the article. Cannot recall which was the input and which to the sprayer however I thought off the T was to the air brush.  The simplicity of it was appealing.   

   Was this in RMC in say the late 1970s or 80's?    For what it's worth.            Jim Dick - St. Paul


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