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As I recall during the late 1930's appliances such a refrigerators were shipped in completely enclosed woodcrates. These were made with a heavy bottom and top and side panels maade fron very rough 1/8 " plysood framed is 1x2 wood with a hrizontal stiffene of the same size at the center.

The panels came off as complete pieces, each framed individually.

The empty crates were eagerly sought from apppiance stores and were used by homeowners for panelling in garages, basement crilings,, plus as playhouses by kids.

Chuck Yungkurth



Yes, the B&O box car is a class M-26D, the lettering for
the class is visible through the windshield, in its as-built
appearance. Some orders of M-26D were delivered with
Youngstown doors. Notice the chalk marks on the sides. An
interesting photo.

I seem to recall that appliances and similarly sized objects
were shipped in "crates" into the 1960s. Some
items still are shipped in crates.

Bob Witt

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