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As I understand it, the TAG cars were in fact former DT&I cars which were nearly identical to the PRR X32, but were not PRR cars.  This is confirmed by RP CYC 23, which has a photo of TAG 7004.  As best I can tell, none of the DT&I (and therefore the TAG) cars had end doors like the PRR X33.

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Jim, These were covered in Model railroading or Railroad Modeler back in the early 90's I think.  I think I have some info on them but I will have to find it.

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TAG ran a small group of ex-PRR 50 foot, double door, round roof boxcars painted in their classic bright blue with black roof and yellow lettering.  Were any of these equipped with end doors (PRR had 300 of those) on the “A” end or were they all solid ends?


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