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Jim: I can share that the NP obtained 150 of the N&W 50-foot cars (NW 52000-52299) on lease from Buffalo Railway Equipment Co. (an affiliate of A.A. Morrison Co.) in late 1961.  They were refurbished at the DT&I's Jackson, OH shops, with new interior wood lining, drop-style reinforced side sills and metal grate running boards; the doors were either replaced, or the original doors extended vertically a few inches with wider joints between the three panel sections. They were painted to NP specifications, and these were the only round roof-style boxcars to carry an NP monad (to the left of the doors).  The initial 6-year lease expired in 1967, but was renewed through 1970 or so for the 80-some cars that still remained in service.  I have no information on disposition after that date; newly-minted BN president Menk had ordered this and most other leases of older boxcars terminated shortly before the merger in April 1970. 

It's been often stated that these cars were based on the PRR X-32 plan, but it sounds like you're aware that's not necessarily correct.  At 14ft 6inches the door openings were almost a foot and a half wider, and the number and spacing of side posts and panels differed from the PRR design.  It looks to me that the N&W independently extended the 40-foot X31a/X31b flush roof design to generate their own 50-foot plan.  

There's quite a bit more detail on the history of this and the ex-DTI 40-and 50-foot round roof boxcars leased by the NP in the NPRHA Mainstreeter Vo. 29, No. 2, Summer 2010. 
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On Friday, February 14, 2014 7:35 AM, SMMW wrote:
Thanks to all who replied to my TAG question.  I was always curious as to the heritage of TAG, DT&I, OP&E and NP round roof boxes.  Even the Ashley, Drew & Northern ran some 40-foot double door round roof boxes.  These appear to be of PRR design with the rows of widely spaced rivets running parallel to panel seams.
What happened to the N&W 40- and 50-foot round roof boxes?  Scrapped?
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