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Steve - 

Perhaps you can answer a question that's gnawed at me for decades - literally.  In the first picture being discussed there is a very large pipe on the side of the dome.  What is that for?  When were they discontinued?  And am I correct thath the top of the dome has only an access hatch?

Thanks in advance for any info you can provide.

Mike Calo
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Yes, the car on the left is a 6500 gallon type V Van Dyke frameless tank car.  The one on the right is interesting, too.  It appears to be one of their type BV cars, created by placing an existing tank (in this case one of the larger, probably 10,000 gallons) Van Dyke type tanks (note the way the bottom sheet extends beyond the tank ends) on one of the Bettendorf built underframes.  UTL purchased about 2500 underframes from Bettendorf in the first few years of the 20th Century and mixing tanks and frames was more common than we might think.


In 1907, 250 of the BV cars had early versions of in tank heaters added, this may have been one of them.  Cars with heaters were being numbered into the 5xxxx area.


You can also see that this tank appears to have two compartments as the dome does not appear to be centered.


This is a very cool find.  I am happy to see it.



Steve Hile


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Hi List Members,

Two UTLX tank cars. One seems to be frameless.

and info at

- Claus Schlund

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