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Richard Hendrickson wrote

I’m sure Tony won’t complain if I answer this for him.  Safety valves mounted on elbows attached the sides of the domes were standard practice in tank car construction through the World War I period and, in some cases, into the 1920s (especially on multiple compartment cars).  Most tank cars built ca. 1910-1920 - thousands of cars -  remained in service through World War II.  So cars of that description were prevalent in the national tank car fleet during WW II.

     Richard's answer is entirely right. More specifically, the dome-top safety valve was introduced in 1916, and builder photos of tank cars all through the 1920s show a gradual change from elbow to dome-top valves. By, say, 1930, new cars were no longer receiving elbow valves. But as Richard often and rightly observes, tank cars remained in use for many, many years, and elbow safety valves could readily be found into the 1950s. Certainly there were plenty of them in use during World War II.

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