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Chuck Higdon

I just tried to “search” at this site and all I got were automobile ads and Enterprise car rental.


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I don’t recall seeing any mention of the Steam Era Freight Cars website.  There is a lot of very useful information there and the technical backbone to continue to build, but I don’t know if anything is still being actively added.  Rob Adams?  What’s up with the site?


Steve Hile


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I guess I don't fully understand the need, or more correctly I see two separate goals.
One is a desire to create a grand database of information from a scholarly standpoint. This would be very involved and something that would take a long time.
The second is more specific. I need to model a specific car at a specific time for my layout. This request is easily and often handled by this list. Many list members have personally helped me over the years. Also, as freight car lovers most of us have library's and magazines. Roughly 2 RPCs a year, RMJ back issues from train life, RMC Essential Freight Cars, add in some other society books such as the ATSF and PFE Reefer books, SP and ATSF boxcar books, online ezines like TKM, ACL/SCL and others, Jim Hayes sunshine site, terry Link's site, and Rob S PRR site you can create a nice freight car library without much effort. I'd post links to these sites but I'm on my phone. Granted some books like Metcalfe's UP book are tough to find. But as Greg Martin says feed your head. But if you don't have the info ask they list and someone will have the answer. Before Neo messed up the archives the archives were like a wiki.
Brian Carlson.

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