Re: Eras, Paint Schemes and Slogans - the problem ...

Tim O'Connor


I plan to donate my brain to a railroad historical society. :-)

Or maybe just my hard drive... there are literally gigabytes
of emails, spreadsheets, pdfs, jpgs, text files (notes), etc
that will be eternally searchable.

Tim O'Connor

The knowledge available on this group is quite impressive, but as far as I know none of the biologically based, analog computers responding to our queries are eternal. Granted this list is to help today's modelers build historically accurate models, but it is also obvious that many of the answers on this list are not direct quotes from books or official historical society documents. I suspect there are a lot more answers out in the collective memories of this group (in biologic, hard copy, or private electronic forms) than have been recorded in this list's archives.

The director of the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, when asked why a famous, last of its class steam engine was not being restored to running condition, reminded people that his job was to make sure the locomotive would still be representative of the age of steam in a museum 200 years from now.

Interesting perspective - based on the passion exhibited by this group, I would suggest that, among the members of this group, there is an amount of "historians" equal to the amount of "modelers." The question is how to preserve all of that privately held historical information.

Dave Evans

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