Re: Tichy's USRA SS Rebuilt P&LE ~ PMcKY 40 foot box


This probably falls within this thread.  Has anyone completed this kit using the Sunshine Wabash mini kit.
If so, what refinements have you made?

Bill Pardie

On Mar 2, 2014, at 5:24 AM, Larry Kline wrote:



The Tichy model is an accurate model of these cars. The only change I would suggest is a vertical staff hand brake wheel. These cars were built with vertical staff hand brake wheels and all of the photos I have, including 1950s and later photos show vertical staff hand brake wheels.

Most of these cars were remarked with P&LE reporting marks soon after they were rebuilt.

There is also an article by Robert Smith in the July 1988 issue of Mainline Modeler with photos of two of these cars that sat in College PA for years.

I will send you offline a copy of the pages on these cars from the P&LE Historical Society Magazine "The Little Giant," Vol. 4 Nos. 2-4. This 76 page issue covers P&LE boxcars from 1910 to 1975. Its still available for $13.90 plus $4.00 shipping from the Society at P&LERRHS, PO Box 15512, Pittsburgh, PA 15244. (plus 6% sales tax for PA residents, 7% sales tax for Allegheny Co. residents)

Larry Kline

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