Re: Working with dry transfer decals.

Tim O'Connor


I agree with all of this, except that I'd also agree with another post,
that a small piece of 3M magic tape will hold the transfer in place. Also
I ALWAYS transfer the tiny dry transfer lettering (anything smaller than
3" letters) to decal paper now. The tiny letters are very fragile and can
be tricky to get them directly onto a model.

Tim O'

The transfers will come on a carrier sheet. Some are already laid out for proper spacing/alignment on the car side. Position the lettering so it is in the correct spot and tape one edge of the carrier sheet in place so it will not slip or move. Use the tape as a hinge so you can periodically check your work. Once positioned correctly (you only get one chance with Dry Transfers) take a stylus, blunt pencil, or similar and rub the carrier sheet over the transfer.
Doug Harding

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