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Matt Goodman

On a tangent (albeit related), I stopped over to Dads last night and found him assembling 50 year old Globe and Athearn models. Kits never go bad...

(And they actually look decent in spite of their ancient manufacturing processes.)

Matt Goodman
Columbus, Ohio

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On Mar 3, 2014, at 5:02 PM, Tim O'Connor <> wrote:


People have been predicting the death of model railroading for 50 years...
I think the current generation raised on RTR may decide, as many of us do
as we get older, to try something more interesting and challenging -- like
building prototypical models! That's what makes us modelers, and not just

Tim O'

I've thought about what those with stock piles of kits they'll never build are going to do with them? In my opinion, now would be the best time for them to recoup their money. In another 5-10 years I'm afraid the kits will be next to worthless.
Clark Propst
Mason City Iowa


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