Re: Working with dry transfer decals.

Rod Miller

On 3/4/14, 9:06 AM, Norman+Laraine Larkin wrote:
As an aside, dry transfers work well as paint masks. Paint the surface your
color of choice, apply the transfer (usually lettering), paint the exposed
surface a second color, and once the last coat is dry, apply a piece of
masking tape to the transfer, and carefully peel the tape off with the mask.
The result is a clean and sharp image in your preferred color. Worked really
well with Floquil.
Norm Larkin
Great tip.

Here's something I learned when applying an NP monad herald.
The monad is 3 colors, white, black, and red so you have to
put the 2nd and 3rd colors down on top of others. Burnish
only where the new color will go, and if you have to burnish
over an existing color, try to stay on the new color. Otherwise
the existing color can get attached to the dry transfer
backing and will be lifted when you pick up the backing.


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