Re: Kadee order to make WP car with Chrysler trucks

Ed Hawkins

On Mar 4, 2014, at 11:39 AM, <> wrote:

Can someone with better eyes and knowledge tell me which running board is on this car? The brake wheel appears to be Ajax.
The 600 WP 40' PS-1s built in lot 8027 (20801-21400) all came with Ajax hand brakes and Morton running boards & brake steps.

Regarding the trucks, I'm late in replying to the discussion. Photos I have of the original 20 aluminum-painted cars 20801-20820 that were renumbered 19501-19520 ca. 1/54 show at least a partial mixture of A-3 Ride Control and Chrysler trucks.

Photos of 20803 and 20807 (Pullman builder photo) before the renumbering have Chrysler trucks as do renumbered cars 19507 and 19510. A photo of 19512 has A-3 Ride Control trucks as were found on all the regular freight cars in series 20821-21400.
Ed Hawkins

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