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Brian Carlson

Let's not go into the hobby is dying discussion again please? Next up will be the IC banana topic or freight car distribution. 
The mean age in my club is actually dropping for the first time in Ages with three new members, two twenty something's and one in his thirty's. I'm not the young guy anymore (40) but hope to have 40 years left in me. Local hobby shops are a dying breed but that has more to do with consumer habits than hobbyists. 
Brian Carlson. 

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    Just picked up a 1976 copy of MR at a train show.I came home and compared it to the current issue.The size and scope plus the current number of remaining hobby shops tends to indicate that the patient is on life support.Most of the attendees at the show all seemed to be ready for nursing homes or assisted living facilities.Armand Premo
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I had lunch with a friend a couple of weeks ago and we had a good
discussion on his current project building old Walthers wood freight
car kits. Modeling is about doing what you like doing. And yeah I
still build old Athearn kits -- I build them better than Athearn does!

Tim O'

>On a tangent (albeit related), I stopped over to Dads last night and found him assembling 50 year old Globe and Athearn models. Kits never go bad...
>(And they actually look decent in spite of their ancient manufacturing processes.)
>Matt Goodman
>Columbus, Ohio
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>People have been predicting the death of model railroading for 50 years...
>I think the current generation raised on RTR may decide, as many of us do
>as we get older, to try something more interesting and challenging -- like
>building prototypical models! That's what makes us modelers, and not just
>Tim O'
>> I've thought about what those with stock piles of kits they'll never build are going to do with them? In my opinion, now would be the best time for them to recoup their money. In another 5-10 years I'm afraid the kits will be next to worthless.
>> Clark Propst
>> Mason City Iowa

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