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A few corrections to your market analysis are in order.

First, Tangent Scale Models nor Intermountain released a B&O M53.  You are thinking of another brand: Exactrail.

Second, you left out the Tangent Scale Models General American 6,000 Gallon 3-compartment tankcar from your list of styrene pre-war models produced within the past three years.  While it is currently sold out (with a new production planned for summer), you can see it here:

Finally, I can assure you that Tangent has more up its sleeve for this era, but of course we need more time.

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David Lehlbach
Tangent Scale Models

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Considering how few new mass production pre-war models have been released in the past few years, compared to so many post-war STMFC and modern era cars, some of us are quite happy with Lee's priorities.

Only 6 newly tooled, high volume production, pre-WWII cars have hit the market in the last 3 years that I can recall - the Fox Valley, Tangent, and IM B&O M53's, the IM offset hopper, the Rapido reefer, the Bowser H30, the Tangent 52'6" Bethlehem Gon, and sort-of on BLI's NYC box car (came with post-war details/roof?). In retrospect, actually a pretty good result for WWII modelers, although I think the NYC box was by far the biggest fleet, and it showed up configured post-war. Sigh...

(I think I spotted 2 more in the previous 2 years - the IM War emergency boxcar and the Accurail 41' gon.)

Many manufacturers seem to be working the post war fleet hard, yet everyone in this group can use the 8 pre-war cars above, so I hope no one is discouraging Lee from focusing on pre-war cars. There are some pretty significant pre-war fleets that are still only available in resin, and being significant fleets, building a bunch of resin kits for an adequate representation can be pretty time consuming.

BTW, I did notice the the B&O class W-2 quad offset hopper showed up in BLI's latest YouTube "sneak peek at the 2014 catalog" video.

Dave Evans

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