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I was not really limiting my discussion to plastic, but I see your point there. Some manufacturers of plastic have been disappointed with sales of recent offerings, so we seem to be getting fewer offerings in plastic. The investment is huge, and they have to sell a lot of them to get a decent ROI.

I'd be interested to hear from you what post-war cars are coming out; I may be poorly educating myself on that subject.

But when one looks at what is offered, in both plastic and resin, to complete a WW2, or transition-era fleet, you can actually get there. To model post-steam era fleets is currently impossible unless you like scratchbuilding and doing your own decals.

Actually, most of the folks working with Bowser are encouraging pre-war, not the other way around. I would guess he will continue to take advantage of the HUGE PRR transition-era modeling group, not the much smaller diesel-era group. And there are still cars to do new, or improve what they've got (the Bowser tooling is exquisite...if they would just re-tool off the molded-on grabs and etc.).

I had not seen the W-2....

Elden Gatwood

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Considering how few new mass production pre-war models have been released in the past few years, compared to so many post-war STMFC and modern era cars, some of us are quite happy with Lee's priorities.
Only 6 newly tooled, high volume production, pre-WWII cars have hit the market in the last 3 years that I can recall - the Fox Valley, Tangent, and IM B&O M53's, the IM offset hopper, the Rapido reefer, the Bowser H30, the Tangent 52'6" Bethlehem Gon, and sort-of on BLI's NYC box car (came with post-war details/roof?). In retrospect, actually a pretty good result for WWII modelers, although I think the NYC box was by far the biggest fleet, and it showed up configured post-war. Sigh...

(I think I spotted 2 more in the previous 2 years - the IM War emergency boxcar and the Accurail 41' gon.)

Many manufacturers seem to be working the post war fleet hard, yet everyone in this group can use the 8 pre-war cars above, so I hope no one is discouraging Lee from focusing on pre-war cars. There are some pretty significant pre-war fleets that are still only available in resin, and being significant fleets, building a bunch of resin kits for an adequate representation can be pretty time consuming.

BTW, I did notice the the B&O class W-2 quad offset hopper showed up in BLI's latest YouTube "sneak peek at the 2014 catalog" video.

Dave Evans

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We actually have a working (and relatively recent) relationship now with Bowser; he just has his own list of projects he wants to do, and it appears they are all currently pre-war. We will continue to work to expand that list, which in the case of other producers, is actually working backwards (older and older classes).

Elden Gatwood

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