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that's funny, should write a blog or an article for Model Railroad Hobbyist about procrastination, er, delayed gratification, er, those UFOs everyone has in their workshop...
Clark Cone

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Charlie, I really don't know why you work so fast.

I'm not going to embarrass myself with the NUMBER of UFOs (really like that
term) but, well, I have these five EL 67000 series XM cars that I started,
um, back in (shhh) in 19 . . . ah, . . . (mumble, mumble).

Oh, sorry, I'll speak up if I have to. I said 1980 something. If I had
finished these back then, I'd have blown some socks off with the detail.
Now, yeah, well, nice work, but not quite leading edge now. Everything went
well up until I needed the double tapered rotating lever on the plug door
hardware. I'd mastered and had the rollers and the offset pivot parts cast
in brass, made the diagonal sloping levers from the vertical bars, but that
damned rotating lever . . . well, I've solved the part because Branchline
brought out the right car with the right parts and I badgered our good
friend Bill Schneider into selling me a few moldings, but well, there's
another half dozen (yeah, right) projects I need to finish first.

So at around 30 years, these are aging nicely in those boxes right over

One other thing: NEVER do five of anything this complex.


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Interesting, I was just thinking about this the other evening. Back in March
1998 Martin Lofton wrote an article in RMC on converting two of Dennis
Storzek's Soo Line boxcar models into NOT&M and StLB&M boxcars. I ordered
two of his kits and started on the NOT&M version shortly there after. At
some point I got bogged down with the project and the carbody went back in
the box.

A few months ago I was looking at one of my Westerfield Fowler boxcars and
noticed the door on the model was a dead ringer for the one on the NOT&M
car. Quick order to Andrew over at Westerfield got me two sets of doors
(part 9998-4452) and I'm happy to report the model is almost
finished......just 16 years after I started.

Charlie Duckworth

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