Re: Sunshine resale values..Now tools

Ned Carey

Denny Wrote: Pin vise drilling for handrails is more akin to trudging through deep sand than it is to joyful modeling. 
I've recently been working though my supply of resin kits. I am loving building these things.
One thing that has helped a lot is having the "Magic Drill Bits".  I bought some Guhring drill bits from MSC. I have been using one, a thousandth smaller than a #80 (.0125" vs. .0135").  I have used it both in my small battery dremel and in a pin vise.  As often as not I just spin it in my hand!!!   It has a larger shaft (2MM?) I can turn it with my hand and it easily fits in any drill or pin vise.
These are sharp. They drill cleanly and noticeably better than the #78-80 cheap ones I bought in 6 packs. They are more expensive and you need to buy them in packs of 10. Despite being smaller they have significantly outlasted my #80 bits by 5X.  These bits are a joy to use.  
I will definitely be ordering these in more sizes.
Ned Carey

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