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I enjoyed my 30 years of business; otherwise I wouldn’t have spent so much time and effort on it.  But the real fun for me was the R&D.  I always had 3 or 4 cars in different stages.  Once I finished a model I was thoroughly sick of it and itching to get back to the next.  It was really onerous to build a dozen or more models of the same car to show different lettering schemes. – Al Westerfield

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Joyful modeling?  Is there such a thing?  I never built a model in my life where I felt joyful.  For me any joyfulness comes when I am finished and I say to myself, "A ha, done at last."  For me the building is just the means to a finished product.

Jared Harper
Athens, GA

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Denny Wrote: Pin vise drilling for handrails is more akin to trudging through deep sand than it is to joyful modeling.

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