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What Denny has not mentioned is the sight of that Fleishmann ICE-1 operating on his layout at near-prototypical speeds (174 MPH), trailed by that MDC GN express box, Northeastern express reefer, Laconia and Walthers passenger cars, and the LaBelle 80’ obs carrying the markers.  Needless to say, the train stirred up strong emotions when I saw it, as it would in any Prototype Modeler!






P.S. I tried to add the F&C NYC wrecker service car to the train, but Denny [quite correctly!] admonished me that it would not be prototypical.



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This is a great discussion. It showcases once again the incredible diversity of interests and skills that live under this model railroading umbrella.  For me, the joys can and do run the gamut  from the anal satisfaction of taking a taking a Sunshine Fleischmann vinegar through to its maximal prototype potential, to seeing what I can do as a wannabe  "craftsman" in the assembling and completion of a c. 1938 Varney MDT reefer. Each provided for me multiple levels of high modeling satisfaction.


Since my recent return to my modeling workbench after a 18 month hiatus, I have busied myself quite enjoyably just picking up and actually finishing to completion old and  ancient bench-clearing modeling disasters and projects, some many decades old. This has included (so far), a wood Northeastern express reefer, a Laconia 80' passenger car, a Walthers metal/wood passenger car kit bash, a LaBelle 80' observation car, an MDC 50' GN express box kit bash,  an ESU DCC sound install in a German Fleishmann ICE-1 locomotive, a F&C NYC wrecker service car, and Kadee coupler installs in a host of some really finely modeled and finished bequeathed freight car models that when last used in c. 1961 still had dummy couplers. 


I love the trajectory that the skills and experience that I have had to pull forth and apply in this recent host of widely varied modeling activities; - not all of them meeting the usual expectations of Prototype modeling.  Nevertheless, when I put down the tools at the end of a modeling session, I become mesmerized, sometimes for an hour, by the beautiful, if not arresting sight of the strings of weathered closely coupled,  and detailed prototype freight cars that are currently resting along a broad super elevated curves on the edge of my layout, and infesting the freight yard just beyond.  H-mmmm. I WILL  get back to prototype modeling……….tomorrow!




Denny S. Anspach MD






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