Re: BLI USRA steel box cars

Robert kirkham

I seem to be tuning in to this conversation late, so sorry if I am missing what has passed already.

But can anyone suggest the most obvious way to backdate the roof on these models (for those of us who bought and only later learned the model is too late for our model period . . . )?

Rob Kirkham

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I totally agree with that, although these particular cars started to
disappear from the NYC roster very quickly in my era of interest which
starts in the late 1950's. By the mid-60's the NYC system was selling
off large numbers of more modern 40ft box cars. I am very interested
in modeling cars sold on the 2nd hand market in my time period.


...or you could use them as NYC cars, seeing that the USRA-design steel boxcars
are easily the most under-represented cars on ANY layout.
Ben Hom


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