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John Barry


Your comments about wish lists are spot on.  The biggest drawback that I see to your business model is in the "skin" step.  There is a significant barrier to entry there wherein a skilled modeler in the real world has to adapt his or her skills to the virtual realm to bring a product to fruition.  There is a steep learning curve with any software program and Solidworks is not cheap, the student version is $150 for a single year licence and you need to be enrolled in a bona fide educational institution to get that price.  What is needed is a technology that will reverse engineer masters built out of regular modeling materials and translate that into the code that runs your CNC machine.  Then the folks that need 150 XYZ triple valves for their box car fleet or 300 sets of Wine Door locks for their hoppers that can build a prototype can bring them into production.  Your a step closer, but I fear the steep SW curve will keep many needed parts and projects from fruition.  For those that have the inclination to add a new skill, even if it takes away from their hobby time, the future looks bright.  Good Luck.  I hope you can generate enough jobs to afford your set up while keeping the prices low enough for those on limited budgets to profit from the fruits of your and the project designer's labors.
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From: Bill Lane
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Subject: [STMFC] projects and more projects

Enzo & all,
We are NOT asking for project anyone’s suggestions because some of the first items made are going to be things WE want. Further we are not likely to ask for suggestions for quite some time – if ever. Any person here has a wish list probably of some very obscure items, and none are going to be the same to each other. We are not chasing down each scale’s missing list and filling every micro-need.
What we ARE looking for is these items - however obscure - designed by the person that WANTS them and wants Jackson Standard to make it for them. It is YOU starting your own line of items. In some sense it IS a tall order but I have been making items for my personal use and occasional sale for 8 years now. It is not that difficult. While I have not made a complete car I could have! Also your item does not have to be a complete car. Think of the laundry list of detail parts your particular obsession is missing.
The point is - sending emails with a wish is not going to do it. That is WHY your item has not been made yet. You have to get some skin in the game. If you want anything badly enough it can and will happen. We are just providing a LOCAL more modeler friendly place to produce your items.
Thank You,
Bill Lane

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