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Bill Schneider

We did indeed use the 3D scan for our FPA-4 loco - There is a more detailed page here

As I discusses with Bill off list, this method really shines for capturing complex curves (I WISH that we had looked into it for the FP9 nose, I would have had more hair left….) but it is not cheap. In addition, the file that comes out still needs a fair bit of editing work. It’s not (yet) a plug-and-play solution to designing a mode, but it’s a great tool to add to the box.


Bill Schneider


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I have told manufacturers at the various modeling events about this technology and their eyes appear to glaze over. Then someone mentioned that Rapido had used it on one of their locomotive projects so I wrote Bill Schneider about this and indeed they have. Here is a link to a video on their blog but you need to scroll down:

This seems the ideal solution for a freight car when there are no drawings but but examples are around in museums.

Bill Welch

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