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Bill Lane

Sorry… I did not mean to start a hizzy. Shoulda known better because that is what happens here.


The easiest way is copy casting – old school. It does not take long for the details to fall apart. I never had interest in knocking off anything AC Gilbert did for my modeling. Too crude to begin with.


Same thing in reference the earlier thought of 3D scanning for later 3D printing. Even in the best circumstances you are not going to scan an HO brake valve and be wowed at what it looks like in O Scale. We are NOT there yet, and I have my doubts of it will be in less than 5 years. Better off making your own new design file.


I have taken a few castings off my models and had them copy cast for my use – were never sold. The items were not offered for sale by the importer.


The one item that was copied and sold was with permission. That amounted to about 25 pairs of trucks – hardly worth getting excited about it. It was more of a mercy project of helping a urethane N5c produced without any plans of making the trucks.


All the better reason to design and model digitally were they are parametric and can be any scale you want! Join us at Jackson Standard with files you want turned from virtual into real plastic!


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