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Well actually it's closer than you may think.  I am working on parts for my Clinchfield challenger and have done a few parts this way. For example I did the exhaust steam injector this way.  I have a guy who has a mobile scanner so he just went to the muesum and scanned the real one.  The scan was uploaded into solid works  and cleaned up and converted to an stl file.  I then printed it in 7 parts and bolted all the parts together just like the real one.  Very very cool stuff and now just about 
Anything can be created if your willing to pay for it.

Kevin Sprayberry

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"I'm sure 3-D scanning will have a place, but it is hardly a panacea; nowhere in the foreseeable future are you going to be able to point your "Instamatic Scanner" at a prototype and send the file out to Shapeways to get a model back, and certainly not anywhere near a price modelers will feel is reasonable."

Dennis Storzek

We are a lot closer than you think.  MakerBot already has a scanner available that will scan an item, and make a file that can be sent directly to their printer.  It does not do the quality you and I would want, but I am 58, and I think I could see the day when it will do what we want.  Ten years ago I would have said, "what is a 3d printer?".  Now I own one!

Kent Hurley

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