Re: RR Tie Brown / Grimy Black recipe

Gary Ray

I needed to paint my rails and ties and needed a large quantity.  I decanted Rustoleum’s Camouflage colors by hot gluing a flex straw to the tip.  I mixed 6 parts earth brown (#1918) with 1 part (#1917) for a close but not exact match to Floquil Rail Brown.  Didn’t know what you were going to use RR tie brown for, but very happy with my track and ties with this mixture.  Oversprayed some areas lightly with Rust.  Used airbrush set at 20#.  Cost was a little over $5 for over 12 oz. of paint.  Hope this helps.

Gary Ray


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Does anyone have a recipe that approximates PollyScale “RR Tie Brown” and  “Grimy Black”?



Burl Rice

Sparta, TN

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