Shapeways for Dummies


Stepping well around the prior postings about.......Hmmmm, I'll say pattern acquisition of 3-D printing.

      I had meant to post this earlier, as a follow up to the comments of Tom Madden, and when he talked about Shapeways. I saw the following one evening and I took it as one idea on where things are at right now with 3-D printing.  One of the comment made by Tom (printing orientation) is addressed with the  - cheek to jowl - comment once they get to the Shapeways site.  It is a 8.5 minute video, and if the link does not do it, Google up  - PBS Newshour - and then search with the term - Shapeways.   

  Here is the link :   

                                                                                                       James Dick - Roseville, MN

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