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George Hollwedel

The Santa Fe Society book by Richard Hendrickson and Richard Pelouze says:

PSC 100, AC&F 200 Western Steel Car Co 250
Prototype N Scale Models (TM)
by George Hollwedel
2108 Buffalo Tundra Dr
Austin, TX 78754-5960

From: Eric Neubauer
Sent: Thursday, March 13, 2014 5:06 PM
Subject: [STMFC] ATSF class TkG

I'm having a bit of a problem with the builders of these cars. The full series is 96053-96602 divided into groups of 100, 200, and 250 according to the valuation reports. No builders were identified.
Railway Age indicates 100 ordered from SSC in 1905, 100 ordered from PSC in 4-06 and 200 ordered from ACF in 1906, and 250 from PSC in 5-07. That's 100 too many
The ACF builders list shows 100 cars ordered in 10-05, lot 4109, and another 200 ordered in 7-06, ot 4522.
I can go with the first 100 built being by ACF and not SSC since there was no general arrangement drawing in the SSC collection.
I'm thinking the PSC order for 100 was cancelled altogether and the ACF order for 200 was built as 96153-96352 and the PSC order for 250 were built as 96353-96602, although by their WSC&F subsidiary.
Does anyone have any thoughts on this matter?
Eric N.

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