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Charles Tapper

The Revell/ConCor gon is may actually be based on a C&O car. I bought a few of these a long while ago to convert and I have some partially done. I was actually interested in trying to use most of them to build a few of the riveted PRR G31 classes and a pair of C&O cars, the latter having the Armco nailable steel floors as modeled in the car. The class was C&O 31600-31799 per Al Kresse, Jr.'s volume on C&O hopper and gondola cars.
Archer decals will make it easier to repair the damaged rivets from changing the lower fishbelly contour than the method I was planning on using. Still a whole lot of work to make the cars up to snuff (no interior detail, needs new ends, needs a new underframe, gussets to be removed etc.). And the car is a bit narrow.
Ultimate inspiration was Darnaby's article in MR.
Charlie Tapper

On Friday, March 14, 2014 12:55 PM, Tim O'Connor

One aspect of Revell's gondola was the beautifully rendered Nailable Steel Floor, which NONE of the
current crop of models comes anywhere near close to.

And if you want to model a fixed-end PRR gondola, I'd cut up a Revell body before I would trash the
Tangent model.

Tim O'Connor

    Reading that you were looking at 2 Revell gons, I have a few purchased long ago. Ikept only the body shell,hoping to rebuild everything else to make a nice Pennsy G31. However, Tangent Models came out with their beautiful models of the PRR G31(and similar cars of other roads) so I bought a bunch. My question is-Is it still worth rebuilding the Revell cars,if only for some other road??
Vince Altiere

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