Re: THe CNW/RI Ends and Side sill parts are here.



Can I get a place on the list for the Santa Fe ends that you are producing?

Thank you:

Bill Pardie

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I received the first batch of parts from Aaron Gjermundson Wednesday of this past week (I have been working on my taxes).
There are seventy (70) sets of CNW/RI 5-5-B-5 ends and side sills and a commitment of sixty-eight (68) sets.
Again the sets are $7.00 and shipping and handling is $2.50.
For those of you that have ordered both sets CNW/RI~ATSF sets and don't want to wait for the Santa Fe sets please send me a heads up before hand.
Those of you that have ordered just the CNW/RI sets of ends and side sills email me off list for my address and consider the bandwidth. I will respond with my address and the total I show for you to send. Please let me know if you were one of those that was not able to make it to the BASH AT THE BEACH this year in your email. We do hope to see completed project cars next year....
Just a reminder the SHAKE_N_TAKE Group Boss Schuyler has posted a revised set of instructions to the files section and I will be sending Schuyler some new progress photos tomorrow. My car is near completion and I have some revisions, and tips to add as I approach the paint and lettering.
Greg Martin
PS that Santa Fe sets are not far behind.
Eventually all things merge into one and a river runs through it.
Norman Maclean

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