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Hi: sounds like the Eastern car works depressed center flat car. There was an article in an older RMC about building an

New Haven flat car using the ECW model. The dimensions fall between two series of NH car built during the 1940s. Decals for both series are available from the NYNH&H historical society. I couldn't find decals for other rrs & the RMC article gave more support. Hope this helps. Marty Cooper





Do you mean 4 axle or 4 truck?  Santa Fe had five modern high capacity flat cars, three of which were depressed center flats.  Ft-X, ATSF 90000, had two six axle trucks and a depressed center.  It and Ft-Y, ATSF 90010, also with two six axle trucks and a flat deck had 125 ton capacity.  Ft-4, ATSF 90020, was the first modern 4 truck car with a flat deck and 248 ton capacity.  Ft-13, ATSF 90005, had the depressed center, four trucks,
and 150 tons capacity.  Ft-14, ATSF 90015, also had 
 the depressed center, four trucks, and 200 tons capacity.  
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Can anyone offer some prototype roads for 4axle 90 ton depressed center flat cars?  I have one I need to paint up and while it may not be exact I'd like to have something semi correct.  I know NYC and CNW had some.  Did Westinghouse have any to move transformers on?







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