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Todd Horton

How long did the FCR paint on these cars last?  Todd Horton


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And to add for those asking about commodities hauled in H32:

Barley, malt, glass sand, oats, foundry sand, cement (partially loaded only), gravel (ditto), powdered dolomite, and anything else in bulk form you wanted protected from the weather. There was a large plate mounted on either side of many PRR covered hoppers that told you how deep you could load a number of commodities.

And yes, they did end up many places outside PRR-land. There are numerous photos in the color books that show them in trains and yards all over the place.

Elden Gatwood

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From the BLI product description:

A total of 300 cars were built by the PRR at Altoona between July 17, 1948, and October 11,

1948, in number series 253500-253799. Welded construction was used for both the superstructure

and the underframe. The material was high tensile steel. The cars had a plain welded roof

and 14 roof hatches, each with 3' by 3' opening. The metal running boards were Apex Tri-Lok. There

were four bulkheads, creating five bays, each having two hopper openings measuring 13" by 24".

The hopper bottom mechanism was furnished by Enterprise Railway Equipment Co. The horizontal

sliding doors were hand operated, using a rack and pinion. The trucks were Class 2E-F22A, made

by American Steel Foundries with Type A-3 Ride Control. The couplers were Type "E" with Imperial

rotary bottom operated uncoupling devices.

Still plenty of steam on the PRR and most other roads at that time.....

Also note that the car has been announced for N Scale as well as the AAR Quad Hopper and N&W H2a.

Charlie Vlk

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