Re: a nice shot of UTLX 59762

Ian Cranstone

On 2014-03-21, at 1:17 PM, Claus Schlund HGM wrote:

For your viewing pleasure, a nice shot of UTLX 59762 photographed at Denver, Colo., May 21, 1935.

Note the differing dome construction and safety valves.

If this is in fact a multi-compartment car, I cannot really see where the compartment divider bulkheads are positioned... maybe the
vertical rivet rows on the tank nearest to the outward domes?

From the June 1936 Tank Car Capacities volume, UTLX 59762 is listed as being 6591 gallons. (A compt. 2190 gals., B compt. 2211 gals., C compt. 2190 gals.).  Domes are 107 gals./275 gals./109 gals. respectively.

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