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There lies the issue with a group that each member has his "own era modeled" that is different from many of the others' interests.  My narrow era of interest for the C&O Rwy spans 1868 thru 1965.  We do seem to have more images of "generic black" tank cars in area of the Semet-Solvay and Ashland Oil facilities near Ashland and Russell, KY, randomly popping up in yard shots.
Al Kresse

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Alright. I went too far back in the "Way Back Machine".
Let's talk about, post 1940.

Pierre Oliver

On 3/21/2014 3:20 PM, water.kresse@... wrote:
> Negative, the Semet-Solvay Company goes back to the 1890s with their
> recovery coke ovens going into business in the early 1900s . . . . and
> there where merged into what became the Allied Chemical Co in 1920.
> Al Kresse
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> It is my understanding that Semet-Solvay was always a part of Allied
> Chemical, even though the Semt-Solvay tankcars, as delivered, had no
> markings to show Allied Chemical affiliation.
> I have a photo showing a Semet-Solvay car with a small Allied Chemical
> rectangle herald of undetermined date and a later image of a tankcar
> with a large Allied Chemical herald.
> Can anyone help with rough dates as to when these markings were in use?
> Thanks
> --
> Pierre Oliver
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